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TLSUE-5 4K HEVC/H265 UHD Video Encoder

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  • High performance: Adopt the current high performance blade server;

  • Optimized algorithm: Adopts the most efficient HEVC/H.265 high-definition digital video compression technology;

  • Stable operating system: Adopting embedded operating system,this device is with the features of stable, reliable, high-definition, low bit rate, low latency (option: ultra low latency <0.3 seconds).

  • Multiple input: Support a variety of signal input, from external acquisition (HDMI, SDI input), video files to various live web streams, whether it is FLV, TS, MP4 or MOV, HTTP, RTMP, RTP, or RTSP.

  • Multi-package output: Be able to output FLV, TS, and MP4 packaged file.

  • Multiple protocol output: Live stream outputs in HTTP, RTMP, RTSP, UDP, HLS, DASH simultaneously to adapt to different terminal device access (Android, Windows, Ios platform), convenient for computer, TV, mobile phone, tablet and other terminal devices to access, and can Set separate video parameters for each output,

  • Multi-function: Maintain the subtitles and logo features of traditional software coding in image processing.

  • It can be widely used in various occasions where high-definition video signals and high-resolution high frame rates are collected and transmitted based on IP networks. The powerful scalability can easily cope with different industries and needs.




  • HEVC/H.265;H.264 High Profile;

  • Hardware coding + software solution;

  • Support various terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and televisions;

  • Support WEB management operations;

  • Embedded linux operating system;

  • Support AAC MPEG-4 advanced audio quality encoding format;

  • Support multiple file formats as signal sources: AVI, TS, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, etc.

  • Support multiple network streams as signal sources: HTTP, MMS, RTMP, UDP, RTSP, etc.

  • Support HLS, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, RTSP and other outputs;

  • Support VBR and CBR, CQP,  LA coding;

  • Support set-top box for real-time reception;

  • Support multiple IPTV VOD servers;

  • Support resolution up to 3840x2160;

  • Ultra low latency IP network transmission with latency <500 MS;

  • Support HDMI, SDI, YPbPr, CVBS, S-Video input (optional)

  • Support multiple formats recording files of TS, MP4, and FLV for VOD on demand

  • Multi-tasking timing function, support recording, live broadcasting and other task management methods; task name is based on time and date, no need to set recording files multiple times.

  • Support subtitle insertion (static, dynamic characters, image overlay); it can be dragged to any position on the screen;

  • Automatic coding at start-up, automatic operation without manual processing;

  • Support video and audio preview to monitor signal errors;

  • Integrated with VOD system, it is able to support both live broadcasting and VOD service on a single machine.


  • High-quality streaming media transmission

  • Live broadcasting or VOD

  • High definition video conference

  • Network monitoring

  • Distance education