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MDDT01 DVB-T Modulator

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MDDT01 DVB-T Modulator is a high performance modulator developed according to DVB-T (EN300744) standard. It has4 AIS input ports, one GPS 10MHZ input port and one 1 PPS input port, supporting both MFN (Multi-frequency network) and SFN (single frequency network). In order to improve the output performance of the transmitter, this DVB-T modulator is able to support adaptive linear and nonlinear digital pre-distortion. This equipment supports local and remote control through NMS software. It can be widely applied in DVB-T digital broadcasting system.


· Fully complying with DVB-T standard (EN300744)

· Support 4 ASI inputs, hot backup

· Support 1 RF input adaptive digital pre-distortion (DPD)

· SFN mode: one external GPS 10MHZ clock input and 1PPS input

· SFN and MFN supporting

· FFT: 2k, 4k, and 8k

· Hierarchy modulation: None, Alpha1, 2 and 4 optional

· Bandwidth: 5M, ,andoptional

· Excellent RF performance, MER ≥42db

· RF output range: 30~960MHz, 1Hz stepping

· Support adaptive linear and non-linear digital pre-distortion (DPD)

· Constant temperature crystal oscillator, frequency stability is up to 0.1ppm

·LCD display and keyboard, NMS management.


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