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MDDT201 DVB-T2 Modulator

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• Fully compliant with DVB-T2 standards

•Powerful ADPCTM (Adaptive Digital Pre-Correction) provides superior digital correction of all linear and non-linear distortions with its unique patented multi-dimensional pre-correction and precision demodulation technologies

•Independent dual feedback for adaptive SWR optimization function maximizes emission signal quality after the transmitter band-pass filters (BPF)

• True REAL-TIME monitor output signal quality and automatic pre-correction function ensure the entire system normal operation

• Innovative DDRFTM (Direct Digital RF) broadband automatic balancing technology achieves near perfect RF performance: MER ≥ 45 dB, shoulder level ≤ -58 dB, out of band spurious ≤ -55 dB, out of adjacent channel﹤-60dB and ultra-low phase noise

• Patented AIMTM (Adaptive Impedance Match) technology ensures impedance matching at RF output

• System level AGC (Auto Gain Control) function supports inputs of DC voltage signal or RF samples

• Built-in GPS module will enhance system integration, make it simple. Accuracy will be lower than 1x10-12 when GPS is locked.

• Real-time ,continuous and automatic measurement functions of terminal amplified MER and shoulder level, monitored by RS232 and remote transmission which make sure stable signal quality monitoring without human

•Under TS mode, it has adaptive module and high precision PCR correction function

• Support remote system upgrade via RJ45

•Real-time temperature monitoring & display and overheat alarm

• Easy-to-use UI, powerful control and monitor interfaces (web/RS232/RS485/front panel) and complete communication protocol

Technical Specifications