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10-12GHz MVDS(KU Band MMDS) System

MVDS System (KU Band MMDS)


Only KU band is available in this area. For wireless transmission, UHF (470-860Mz) is undoubtedly the best choice, because the waves in UHF band are with strong diffraction capability. It supports both fixed and mobile reception. But there are two disadvantages of this band: 1) there are many civilian communication services working in this band, such as GSM, interphone, etc. The bandwidth that can be used for digital TV transmission is very narrow, around 40M, which cannot meet the demand of increasing programs. 2) Transmitter consumption is very huge; the consumption of one transmitter for covering 50KM will be about 10KW.

 In the past, MMDS system working in 2500-2700MHz is able to transmit more than 100 digital programs and access two way internet service. Meanwhile, the power consumption of MMDS transmitter is very low. But, as the coming of 4G communication, this band of all over the world will be occupied. Therefore, KU band: 10-12GHz is the only choice.

I.   Diagram (Typical Case)
     1) Headend and Transmission Part


2) CPE


Advantages of MVDS:
1) About 2000MHz bandwidth can be used for transmission or relay, which is able to carry 1000 digital TV programs and 1Gbps high speed Internet data.
2) Unlicensed frequency: there is no other communication service working in this band. Therefore, no interferences will happen. Even no need to apply for license from the administration department.
3) The power consumption of transmitter is extremely low.
The main station is able to cover 30KM radius omni-directionally. For more coverage, it can be reached by constructing several relay stations with signal re-generation and frequency division multiplexing technology. Maximally, the signal can go up to 1000KM.
CPE of MVDS is very cheap. The subscriber can receive hundreds of digital TV programs with no more than USD30. And to access to Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other websites using the STB with android (the STB should access to the local existing internet.), the cost is around USD50.
The system can be upgraded to triply play (2 Way), providing Internet & VOIP services. The cost of CPE (DISH+TRANSCEIVER) will be around USD900. Each subscriber is possible to get up to 50Mbps internet.

I. How to require design and quotation:
Telecast will be happy to help you define an MVDS system to meet your special requirements.
1. How many TV channels/programs would you like to broadcast?
2. What's the height of transmitting point? That is, the altitude of the transmitting point plus the height of the building plus the height of the tower. The higher transmitting tower, the more signal coverage.
You had better send a picture of the tower to us, especially the picture of the position where the antenna may be installed, as well as the dimension of the supports, so that we can design the accessories of the antenna.
3. What is the distance from the studio to the top of tower?
Because we want to know how long the cable will be used from the studio to the transmitting antenna. If the distance is over 150m, you should use optical fiber or a wireless point to point link system (STL).
4. Which exact frequency band will be used for transmission in 10-12G?
No matter what frequency to use, you must ensure that no one use the same frequency in the same area. In other words, you should get frequency license from your government.
5. What is the radius of the coverage? For example: 30KM or 50KM? This is the distance from the transmitting point to the furthest receiving point.
6. What is the angle (width) of the coverage area? 90 or 180 or 360 degree Omni-directional?
This will determine the choice of antenna. The narrower transmitting angle, the higher gain antenna can be used. Thus, you also can use a lower power transmitter to reduce the system cost.
Therefore, you'd better provide the map of the coverage area or the name of the city.
7. Please try your best to offer us the parameter of the channels/programs which are received from the satellite, just like the DOWN FEQUENCY, SYMBOL RATE, FEC and WHICH CAS. You can get these parameters from the website: www.lyngsat.com.
If not all programs are from satellite, please tell us the numbers of satellite programs and local analogue programs (require MPEG encoding)
After got the exact answers for these questions, we will provide you with a suitable solution and pricelist.

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