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Hotel IPTV System

Advantages of Hotel IPTV Management System
QQ图片20180525095024.pngTerminal AP

* Support Android 4.4.2+ platform.

* It can be installed and used on set-top boxes, smart TVS, smart projectors, tablets and smartphones.

* Welcome screen, program watching, self-service, notification service, billing ... service

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* Convenient installation and easy maintenance;

* Suitable for hotels of different sizes.

* Room management, live and VOD management, commodity management, call service, information release, ads push...

Room management
Room management: create, add, modify and delete a room;

* Guest management: register the information of guests, such as name, gender, ID number, room number, room status;

* Check-in, check-out and extension record: manage the check-in, check-out and extension information of the guest.

* Payment: charge for the program package by time.

QQ图片20180525100035.pngVOD managemen

* With live program grouping, program name, channel number and program address;

* Bulk backup import of live program information.
QQ图片20180525100223.pngVOD management
* Support on-demand program management, on-demand file management, support the batch import of on-demand files.

* Billing management: separately charge for on-demand program.

* Billing query: check the billing data on the terminal according to room number, device number.


Commodity managemen

* Category management: add, modify, delete and query the product category name;

* Commodity management: manage the commodity name, picture, price and other parameters;

* Order management: record the order time, room, quantity, and price information of all goods ordered.

QQ图片20180525100527.pngCall service

Record and handle the services including extension, check-out, maintenance, cleaning, laundry, food ordering.
QQ图片20180525100722.pngInformation release
* Support unique welcome page, hotel introduction, room introduction, smart  tourism, etc.

* Support the customization of various  information release modules.