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Wuhou District Committee Deputy Secretary, District Chief Lin li Visits Telecast


On Oct.17th, Wuhou District Committee Deputy Decretary, District Chief Lin li leads her team to visit our company. They hold a meeting with Mr. Yang king, president of our company, Mr. Guan Hongbin, general manager of our company.

During the meeting, district commission and government have fully affirmed our company's current overseas “Triple Play” projects and the development of new products. At the same time, they also said that in the process of the comprehensive construction and development of Chengdu to the central city of the country, cultural creation, Massive Health, finance and e-commerce are the three leading industries in Wuhou District. As a high-tech enterprise, Wuhou District will strengthen its service to Telecast Technology Corporation. Mr. Yang King expressed his sincere thanks for the visit of Ms. Lin Li. He also expressed that under the leadership of the district government of Wuhou District, our company will surely accelerate the expansion of overseas business, and making more breakthroughs and innovations in high technology and new product areas.